Thursday, 1 August 2013

Today is my Anniversary!!

It is the anniversary to celebrate my life. You would be thinking that it is a wedding anniversary? No it is my cancer anniversary.
I was a passionate student of nearly 21 years old. I was enjoying life in each and everything like studying, reading, playing and watching movies, surfing internet. I was leading my life happily but a day I was shocked to learn a fact. It not only disturbed me but my family and friends. It changed my life and I was forced to lead life in a changed way after that news.
Seven years back, the same day I heard “You have cancer” by my doctor. I was totally surprised and spent the day in a situation that cannot be described. “Its’ cancer” are the words sounding in my mind. I got first surgery immediately to avoid chemotherapy. It was not fun to spend a week in hospital for me in case of this serious disease.


  • I learnt many things from cancer; the most important things in my life were my faith, my family and my friends. 
  • Lancer Armstong says in a commercial “Remember me cancer? You made me who I am today?” As 7 years have been past and today is my cancer anniversary.I learnt many things from cancer such as;
  • My illness spreads the circle of my friends even those became my friends whom I don’t know. I received many emails and cards from people whom I don’t know. I was passion up with their love and support.
  • There is nothing impossible in the world so you should try. I had heard death after cancer but it enabled me to fight and I won.
  • My family was with me at each and every step and supported me.I was encouraged and felt a kind of power and positiveness in my mind.
  • I did not feel any kind of self dignity in the gown I was at hospital. So I became humble and treated with everyone in a different way than past.
  • I felt the real love of my friends and family even I was pale, sick, skinny and weak but still I was happy to have all this.
  • It came in my mind many times to ask God, “Why”. I suffered from it as a large number of people are enjoying their lives so why I have it.
  • I learnt that prayers can change your life and Allah answered and my friends and family’s prayers were fulfilled when I was completely cured.
  • These are prayers that can keep your life intact. So don’t be disappointed and struggle to fight.
Every morning when I got up I was reminded that I am in cancer. But today I celebrate my life of being cancer free. The cancer has changed my life which I cannot describe. I learnt the most important lesson today “Important and caring things are very simple … my faith, my family & my friends.”