Saturday, 13 October 2012

Emotional Needs!!!

Emotional Needs!!!

Humans have emotional needs, just as we have physical needs. Some of our emotional needs are to feel accepted, appreciated, important, valued, cared about, understood. All humans share these needs, each differs in the strength of the need, just as some of us need more water, more food or more sleep. One person may need more freedom and independence, another may need more security and social connections. When a person's natural emotional needs are met, healthy behavior naturally follows. In various degrees of life, our needs are grown, developed and changed according to the present stage. Though all of us have many emotional needs but the most basic needs to me are Accepted, believed in, cared for, forgiven, loved, Safe, supported, Trusted, understood and Valued. All these are the most powerful basic emotional needs. According to the education of psychology, if these ten needs are adequately met with, a person is actually in a dream world but unfortunately many instead most of us don't even get to think of having such ideal situation.

Though these ten needs are top ten emotional needs, but besides them our needs differ and varies from each other. I may have such needs those May not be important in your view, and your needs may not be important in my eyes. It actually also depends on the stage of life we are going through. In adolescence and childhood emotional needs are small and easy but as we step into teen age and maturity our needs get even complicated, higher and difficult to meet with. So all of us try our best, using all kinds of tools, ways and tricks and many of us get to meet with our needs but sometimes we fail. 

This is the time when we are under a high pressure. These re the moments when a man totally loses hope. He sees darkness everywhere around him and he loses his self control . Things appear as if darkness is prevailing everywhere. At this spot, a man feels himself a looser, he does not want to do anything but just to sit idle and think of the person who he really is attached with because we feel so alone and want someone to be with us and off course our most beloved personality is the one. And now it depends on the person how he or she leads us? Whether in a negative way or in a positive and constructive way. Mostly people are mislead due to misguidance of leaders. 

Lucky are those who have wise and pessimistic companions. According to my concept, if anyone is attached with Allah and seeks help from Him it is the best solution to keep your moral high and stable. Those who have firm believe in Him are the most successful person in both lives because He cannot mislead anyone, instead He is the best leader.

Talking to Him, sharing with Him and putting all your matters in front of Him will not only solve our problems but also will satisfy us. He has promised us to give us if we seek, and also have ordered us to ask from Him even the little thing. As we all agree that psychology is the scientific study of emotional state of mind, it deals with all kind of emotional and mental states, and almost all popular psychological school of thoughts are one in this point that spiritual study makes a person well prepared to face the emotional and psychological disorders or challenges. So I believe the most important and affective solution to all of our emotional problems, emotional needs and emotional challenges is religion.