Sunday, 4 December 2011

Dealing with Death

Everyone deals with death in a different way. Death is a natural part of the life cycle and we all have to face it. Coping with death is never an easy task to do and no matter how much you prepare, it's always a very emotional and sad time but accepting the predictable doesn't have to be difficult if you alter your perception.

Some Tips:
Here are some tips which you can try to help you prepare for your loss
1.     People have a false perception of how they should react to death. Accept death by being open to feeling vulnerable. It is not necessary to be strong and sturdy.
2.     After dealing with a tragic loss, don't go into denial, this will make things worse for you.
3.     Grieve properly by going through the entire process. Accept death by allowing yourself the proper amount of grieving and time to deal with the many feelings you experience.
4.     Cry as often as possible. There is nothing wrong with crying. Let it out as much as you can. Bottling it up inside will also make it worse.
5.     Get mad. It is part of the grieving process, and you must go through it before you can accept death. Even if you are dealing with the thought of your own death, it is okay to get angry. You must get past this phase in order to accept death.
6.     Being alone in your time of loss is not healthy. Make sure you have the support of family and friends. If you do not have any family and friends available try to go out in public so that you are around people, but you don't have to talk to anyone since you don't know them.
7.     Open a dialogue and let people know that it is okay to discuss this touchy subject. Discuss death with your loved ones. It is impossible to stave off death by avoiding the topic. Be open and honest and let those close to you know how you wish to have your death handled.
8.     List your feelings about death. Free write every thought that comes to your mind. Whether it is the death of someone close to you, or your feelings about your own death, get your thoughts down. Ponder on the results.

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