Sunday, 4 December 2011

Dealing with Divorce

There are a thousand reasons why people get divorced. Being objective in the center of the heart-hauling experience of divorce is difficult, if not impossible. Dealing with the healing process of emotions is one of the major issues one faces. Post divorce emotions can range from feelings of anger, ambivalence and self-doubt to shear relief. This takes both external and internal work to build a new life. Whatever you are dealing with either externally or internally, you need to develop certain skills to help you in your transition to a new life.

There is no healing without the belief that you can heal. Belief in ourselves is our greatest tool when it comes to moving through a time of hardship. Be patient, kind and loving with yourself. Push any self-doubt you have aside and believe in your own competence. If the odds seem against you, if you feel you aren’t going to make it, go against the odds. Develop discipline, push all negative self-talk out of your head and believe that you can become whom you want and live the life you desire. Try to share what you are feeling and experiencing emotionally with others. Moving forward with your life means having a willingness to take action… Start with baby steps and soon you will be moving forward by leaps and bounds. The emotional, familial, and financial challenges may seem to be overwhelming at first but time has a way of working things out for those who refuse to give up.  There is indeed life after divorce. Consider it a time of growing, stretching, and gaining needed insights.  Those who learn from their divorces are more likely to succeed in finding love again. Try to be as objective as possible. Taking responsibility for your own failures will make all the difference if you truly want to be happy again. The best thing you can do for yourself is to truly forgive your ex-partner and then go on with your life.

Life is for those who live it.  Get on with your life...One day you will look back and realize that all the sorrow and challenge you experienced during your divorce; gave way to some of your greatest accomplishment.

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