Sunday, 4 December 2011

Married Life

The quest for love and for the perfect partner is really a quest for wholeness. The secret to attracting what we want; is to start becoming it ourselves. Rather than desiring to be loved, is love. If you want to increase your capacity to give and receive more love, start it by giving more love to others. In this same way, you can work on your ideal relationship by becoming what you want to see in your partner. You can become the magnet that attracts the perfect relationship. Kindness can overcome challenges of married life and can create a vibrant and healthy love relationship.
People often refer to my better half, or my soul mate when speaking of their spouses or significant others. But it’s really challenging to find and nurture this all-important relationship and to deal with obstacles to your happiness such as meddling in-laws and extended family squabbles…
It is important to deal with problems as they arise, lest the energy of non-resolution build up layers like sedimentary of rock or blocking the doors of the heart.
Kindness doesn't mean to blame others for the circumstances we find ourselves in, but shows us that it's our reaction to those circumstances that matters most. It invites us to climb to a higher vantage point so we can meet our challenges from a new level.
Destiny and reincarnation can affect you and your mate. If we do not overcome the negatives of our fate, one can never enjoy complete happiness. Knowledge of fate and reincarnation can teach us a lot about our relationships; some beautiful things and some unpleasant ones, but all are very necessary to our soul's spiritual progress.
Because marriages are often woven from the complex threads of the partner’s past history together, recognizing the impact of your past and your partners past is important because when you get married and promise to support each other you take on your partner's fate in the sense that you have vowed to support him / her through thick and thin.
While this can be demanding at times but try to overcome it and create a vibrant and healthy love relationship by cultivating compassion and forgiveness, which can help individuals to understand the divine coaching which is natural in any confront.
In the end one of the most important keys to a good relationship is to cultivate our unique relationship with our Higher Self & God and to help our partner do the same…

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